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The GBTEA has a strong role to play in affording the industry a strong voice with clear communication into the islands decision makers. Ensuring that our workforce has the facilities to train and that high standards of conduct and workmanship are maintained.

We have kept our link with government departments and taken an active role at Construction Forum Meetings and Construction Sector meetings with Commerce and Employment Departments.


Towards the end of the 1st World War a circular was sent to the prominent Master Builders on the island and on the 2nd April 1918, 46 Master Builders came together for the inaugural meeting of the GBTEA. Mr D.J Robilliard was elected as the first President and he remained in office until his death in 1926. Records show that this first meeting highlighted the various problems confronting the building industry caused by the War, such as the lack of work, supply of materials and the great difficulties experienced by the men to provide the necessities of life for themselves and their families; as was the way in those days. The association undertook to systematically deal with all these and other issues arising within the industry and work to ensure that the building industry became a vibrant and sustainable force in the island, an ambitious commitment and one that the association still try and aspire to today.

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