Guernsey Building Trades Employers Association

From the smallest builder to the largest contractor, from roofers to plumbers to electricians to decorators, the GBTEA represents the very best in building contracting in the island of Guernsey.

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Benefits of Employing Local Contractor

There are many reasons to 'keep it local' and employ local labour, this document highlights some of these reasons.

Membership List

If you are looking for a local contractor to carry out some building work you will find a full list of our members here.

Membership Application Form

If you would like to apply to become a member please complete this form.

Aims of the Association

GBTEA aims of the association.

Passport to Safety

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The ‘Passport to Safety’ scheme is fully backed by the GBTEA.

The intention of the scheme is to raise the awareness of persons to health and safety issues in construction. The scheme reflects the circumstances and legislation which is in place in Guernsey and will, therefore, also provide individuals with practical guidance on local procedures. For more infomation please click here.

Case Studies

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Case studies are a great way to show examples of projects undertaken by our members.

If you wish to carryout some building work, be it an internal alteration, extension or a complete new house, you will probably be looking for professional advice from people in the building trade. Why not spend a moment to take a look at some of our case studies which showcase work carried out by our members.